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Located in the Ozark’s of Arkansas, Matt's Bullets is a family operation and Matt does pretty much all the casting. All bullets are hand cast from about 100 different molds and are available in several different alloys to suit many different applications.

A multitude of pistol bullets are available from 32 to 50 caliber. Many of our bullets are custom designs you will find nowhere else. Others are hard-to-find obsolete molds from the classic mold makers like Ideal, H&G, Cramer, etc. We also make hollow point bullets, cast from different alloys such as 20-1 alloy which is ideal for expansion and weight retention at lower velocities, or other alloys for higher pressure cartridges. There is a limited selection of rifle bullets.

Specialty areas:

  • A large selection of 50 caliber bullets for the 500 S&W and similar .501 diameter cartridges.
  • From very light to heavy, we think we have pretty much anything a Cowboy Action shooter could want.
  • A comprehensive selection of 38 wad-cutters of varying weight and design.
  • 38 S&W fans are offered a small selection of appropriately-sized and period-correct bullets for this old favorite.

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