200 Grain Webley MKI/38 Super Police
200 Grain Webley MKI/38 Super Police

200 Grain Webley MKI/38 Super Police

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This is for 50 cartridges. This is a heavy bullet version of the 38 S&W cartridge. Specifically, this is as close as we can get to the British Service Load for the Webley MK I 38 caliber cartridge in use between WWI and WWII. This cartridge is variously named the 38/200 or the 380 Rim. It is also real close to the American loading from S&W named the 38 Super Police. It is a 200 grain bullet at about 620 fps. This load is the correct load for Webley and Enfield 38 revolvers, as well as the S&W victory model. It is the load these guns were designed for. It would also be effective in the solid frame guns such as the S&W Terrier or Colt Bankers Model when chambered for the 38 S&W cartridge. We do not recommend it in American top break guns. They were a weaker design frame and not intended for the pressures of this heavy bullet. In addition, they were often manufactured cheaply and are often in poor condition today. We caution customers again that these cartridges are unsafe for use in the American top break guns. This cartridge should not be confused with the 38 special, which is a different cartridge and is not interchangeable with this one.

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