Q: How much do you charge for shipping?

 A: All bullets are shipped via USPS flat rate boxes. We will put as many bullets in the box as will fit and still allow for sturdy packaging.  All ammunition is shipped UPS.

Q: Do I have to place an order online or can I order over the phone?

A: We prefer online orders because it is more organized for us and there will be no mistakes writing down your information. However, we do take phone orders if that is what you prefer.

Q: Can you sell me bullets sized for a particular diameter?

A: Yes, if we have the sizing die you require (we often do) and if the mold casts a bullet that is sizable to the size you desire.

Q. Do you sell powder coated bullets?

A. We will powder coat many, although not all, of our bullets on request for an upcharge of $5/100 or $15/500.

\Q: What lube do you use?

 A: Carnauba Red.

Q: What alloy do you use?

A: For most bullets we use a semi-hard alloy of about 11 BHN.. 500 S&W bullets are cast at about 18 BHN.  38 S&W bullets usually are cast softer. Hollow point and base bullets are cast from 20:1. We are happy to substitute alloys, although more expensive alloys may require an upcharge.

 Q: Will you charge my credit card immediately, even on backorders?

 A: Unfortunately, when you place an order online, your credit card gets charged immediately, and we have no control over that. Our credit card processor charges your card when you place the order. For phone orders, we do not charge your card till bullets are in production.

Q: Do you sell wholesale?

A: No. Since we sell direct to the customer with no middle man, our prices really are already wholesale. Our bullets are all handcast, and if we lower our prices any more, it really isn't worth our time to do it.

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