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265 Grain Semi Wadcutter Gas Check (.430)


After talking with Matt, I bought these in two sizes: 0.431 for the Marlin 1894 leverguns that are well know for having oversize bores and 0.430 for the S&W 629. I loaded 22.5 grains H-110, CCI-350 and Federal case and got avg velocities of 1662 and 1684 fps in two rifles. Once I got settled in on the bench and sighted in my final 5 shot groups at 50 yards were under 1.5". Plenty good enough for a 100-125 yard rifles with low power scopes. The bores were easier to clean than with straight lead or jacketed bullets. The S&W 629 6" used the 0.430 bullets with IMI cases, CCI-300 and 21.5 grains of 2400. Velocity averaged 1420 fps - they extracted easy and showed no pressure signs but I'm backing off to 20-20.5 grains to tone down the recoil. Accuracy was quite good if I did my part of holding, sighting and squeezing consistently. These are well made bullets and the micrometer shows great consistency and roundness. I used a Lee Factory Crimp die on both loads. Matt and his crew make great bullets and price them very fairly.
Date Added: 10/24/2017 by Rex Rees
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