730 Grain Wide Flat Nose Gas Check (.458)


These are well cast bullets. I followed the other reviewers (Jeff Kelly) footsteps and in a 458 Lott case found H4895 to be okay but not optimum. I found that IMR4320 seems to be a good powder for these bullets in the Lott case. I have a 1-14 twist and would recommend something faster for lower velocities. At 1850-1900 fps they fly true and destroy on both ends of the gun. I think sized to .459 would be interesting to try as well. I had no leading of barrel on any of the rounds I tested though. I may try W748 as well but I'm not sure one could stuff enough powder in the case to cause issues.

Quickloads would be great if I had it. I poured over the internet and I did find this was the TRex bullet and the original caster had some measure of load data for it...work up slowly. IMR4320 for me is THE powder for 458 Lott.
Date Added: 08/15/2020 by Nathan Evans
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